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Local Food of the wolrd -世界の屋台料理 食べ歩き- @i-yan.com

Welcome to Local Food of the wolrd!


I will introduce international cuisine. The taste is actually recorded on the field, I analyze and judged from multiple perspectives as satiety level, acridity, sweetness, temperature, fragrance and how it changes our feeling.

The world is large, there is a kind of cuisine countless. But in other point of view , there are ways to eat combinations similar, or the role of a food material is often the same. It is felt that what flows underlying the food culture around the world are common .

So on this site I don't classify meals by countries and cultures. I would appreciate if you would find something that comes into view by going through the similarity or ingredients are used in meals in this site.

Today's Meal

ウクライナ ボルシチ

I ate the meal at the フードコート ドヴァ・グーシャ of Kiev in Ukraine.





  • Want to eat.
  • Do not want to eat.
  • I have eaten this dish.

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